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Leap Day Babies Born in Monterey Park, CA

February 29 comes around once every four years and while the chances of being born on that day are 1 in 1,461, Monterey Park Hospital saw a total of five deliveries.

“There were two normal deliveries and three cesarean sections,” said Debbie Miller, Director of Maternal Child Health.

The first to arrive was King Julien who leaped into the world at 8:07 A.M. to proud parents Amy Calzada, 28 and Ismael Carrillo, 24, from Los Angeles. King measured 19 inches and weighed in at 6-pounds, 5-ounces. “It’s a blessing, but it’s painful” said Amy.

Babies like King are qualified to join the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies (

Leap Day exist because the Earth actually takes 365 days and six hours to complete a revolution around our Sun (Solar Year). The extra six hours are combined every four years to give us Leap Day. The Summer Olympic Games and U.S. Presidential elections occur during Leap Years.

King will also share a birthday with Tony Robbins (American Motivational Speaker) and Antonio Sabáto, Jr (Actor, Model). Babies born on Leap Day are known as Leapers.


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